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Technical Specifications

Galaxy 17, Transponder 24

Network Channel # PCR PID
ABP News 7 710
ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) 13 1310
ABS-CBN Sports + Action 22 2210
ART 8 810
CCTV-4 9 910
CGTN 11 1110
Channel One Russia 15 1510
Cinema One Global 25 2510
CTI-Zhong Tian Channel 10 1010
DZMM Teleradyo 27 2710
DW Deutsch+ 28 2810
Lifestyle Network 20 2010
Mediaset Italia 19 1910
MOR 101.9 29 2910
Myx TV 1 110
RTN 16 1610
SBTN 17 1710
TFC (East Coast feed) 18 1810
TFC CANADA East 24 2410
TFC (West Coast feed) 2 210
TFC CANADA West 23 2310
THT 30 3010
TV5MONDE 12 1210
TV5MONDE HD 26 2610
TV Asia 3 310
TVK 14 1410
TVK2 21 2110
Galaxy 17 @ 91 West Network ID 837
Vertical Polarity Symbol Rate 30.00
C-Band 4180 MHz. FEC 5/6
L-Band Freq. 970 MHz. DVB-S2 8PSK

Recommended Receiving Equipment

  • 3 Meter Minimum Satellite Antenna
  • C-Band Feed Horn
  • C-Band Low Noise Block Downconverter
  • (25 Degrees or less noise temp)
  • Cisco receivers D9824 (multichannel) / D9854 (single channel)

On Demand Services

NETWORK Facilitator
Eros Now Global Media Operations (NBCU)
Eros Now Transactional Global Media Operations (NBCU)
Filipino On Demand Global Media Operations (NBCU)
Filipino Transactional Global Media Operations (NBCU)
TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand Global Media Operations (NBCU)
TVK-Pop On Demand Global Media Operations (NBCU)
TV JAPAN On Demand Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS)

Off Platform

Network Satellite Transponder Polarization Down Freq. (MHZ) Symbol rate Encryption
 Aapka Colors Galaxy 18 17 V 1110  29.27  Digicipher II
Antenna SES-3 22C V 4140 30 PowerVu
Cinema Dinamita G23 22 (XP24 C) V 4173.76 18.916 PowerVu
 RTN+ G16 5 H 11800 30.00 IRDETO
 Phoenix Hong Kong  
Direct from Phoenix*

Phoenix InfoNews
Phoenix NA
PX Sports  SES14 HE13 Right Circular 3965 10416 Unencrypted
TV JAPAN HD** G13 4C H 1370 30.00 PowerVu
VePlus SES 1 24C H 4180 30.00 Unencrypted

* Contact MCR with any issues: 626-388-1165

** TV JAPAN HD to provide receiving equipment

Technical Contact Information

Launch Authorization 303.290.1560 (8-5 MST Mon-Fri)

24-Hour Post-Launch Hotline 800.824.1771

Outages (Operations Management Center) 303.486.3600

TVK24 celebrates 10 years of Korean television in the U.S.
Mar 19 2015

TVK24 celebrates 10 years of Korean television in the U.S.

Independently owned Korean American network marks new milestone

Los Angeles, CA – March 19, 2015, International Media Distribution (IMD), an industry pioneer in the distribution of 24-hour global networks congratulates TVK on completing its first decade of operation serving the Korean American audience across the U.S

From its state of the art production facility in Los Angeles, TVK24 owns and operates three distinct television services including TVK, TVK2 and TVK-Pop On Demand serving Korean American households from coast to coast.

TVK and TVK2 are nationwide digital basic channels available throughout various cable platforms. TVK produces live news, variety and music programming in-house. Popular entertainment shows and drama series are acquired and aggregated from top quality production studios in Korea. TVK2 serves a younger, more assimilated audience of 2nd generation Korean Americans.

TVK-Pop On Demand delights fans of all ethnic backgrounds with the true crossover appeal and mainstream success of Korean pop music “K-Pop.” TVK-Pop On Demand features music videos from the largest entertainment houses in Korea including SM, YG, JYP, DSP and many more. TVK24 boasts the rights to the largest K-Pop music video library in the U.S. including international sensations like Psy and 2ne1.

TVK24 has marked several key breakthroughs in its first ten years including the following important dates of record:

  • March 2005 Launched TVK to serve Korean-American communities in the U.S.
  • November 2009 Launched TVK2 to serve English speaking Korean Americans in the U.S.
  • September 2010 Launched TVK-Pop On Demand music video service nationwide on Comcast

Today, TVK-Pop On Demand is available nationwide to all digital cable subscribers of Comcast, Cox and Bright House Networks along with key Time Warner Cable markets including California, Hawaii, New Jersey and New York. In addition, TVK and TVK2 are available in top Korean American markets including California and New York.

Scott Wheeler, Senior Vice President of IMD says, “Ten years ago, TVK took a big risk in launching a Korean American channel solely funded by advertising. This is an extremely challenging business model, which speaks to the dedication and hard work the TVK team has contributed in achieving this milestone. Over the years, TVK24 has shown grit and vision in adding additional services to their portfolio including TVK2 and TVK-Pop On Demand. IMD is proud to distribute the entire suite of TVK24 products. We look forward to reaching new heights together in the years to come.”

Eric Yoon, Founder & CEO of TVK24 says, “I am so grateful to our team and business partners for reaching this milestone together. I look forward to delivering even more to our viewers and advertisers in the years to come.”

About IMD 

International Media Distribution (IMD) has been a leading provider of in-language programming in the U.S. for nearly two decades. IMD represents over 35 TV services with content from a variety of international sources: ABP News (Hindi), Antenna Satellite (Greek), ART (Arabic), ATV (Cantonese), CCTV-4 (Chinese), CTI-Zhong Tian Channel (Chinese), Channel One Russia, Dom Kino (Russian), DW Amerika (German), Eros Now (Hindi), Filipino On Demand (Tagalog), Life OK (Hindi), Lifestyle Network (English/Tagalog) Mediaset Italia (Italian), Muzika Pervogo (Russian), Myx TV (English), Phoenix InfoNews (Chinese), Phoenix North America Chinese Channel (Chinese), Rai Italia (Italian), RAI News (Italian), RAI Premium (Italian), RTN (Russian), SBTN (Vietnamese), STAR India GOLD (Hindi), STAR India PLUS (Hindi), TFC (Filipino), Tivi5Monde (French), TV Asia (Hindi), TV JAPAN (Japanese), TV JAPAN HD (Japanese), TVK (Korean), TVK2 (Korean), TVK-Pop On Demand (Korean), TV5MONDE (French), TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand (French), VIJAY (Tamil) Vremya (Russian) and Zhong Want TV (Chinese).

International Media Distribution is an NBCUniversal company.

Media Contact:

International Media Distribution 

Shelly Kurtz (206)