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Technical Specifications

Galaxy 17, Transponder 24

Network Channel # PCR PID
ABP News 7 710
ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) 13 1310
ABS-CBN Sports + Action 22 2210
ART 8 810
CCTV-4 9 910
CGTN 11 1110
Channel One Russia 15 1510
Cinema One Global 25 2510
CTI-Zhong Tian Channel 10 1010
DZMM Teleradyo 27 2710
DW Deutsch+ 28 2810
Lifestyle Network 20 2010
Mediaset Italia 19 1910
MOR 101.9 29 2910
Myx TV 1 110
RTN 16 1610
SBTN 17 1710
TFC (East Coast feed) 18 1810
TFC CANADA East 24 2410
TFC (West Coast feed) 2 210
TFC CANADA West 23 2310
THT 30 3010
TV5MONDE 12 1210
TV5MONDE HD 26 2610
TV Asia 3 310
TVK 14 1410
TVK2 21 2110
Galaxy 17 @ 91 West Network ID 837
Vertical Polarity Symbol Rate 30.00
C-Band 4180 MHz. FEC 5/6
L-Band Freq. 970 MHz. DVB-S2 8PSK

Recommended Receiving Equipment

  • 3 Meter Minimum Satellite Antenna
  • C-Band Feed Horn
  • C-Band Low Noise Block Downconverter
  • (25 Degrees or less noise temp)
  • Cisco receivers D9824 (multichannel) / D9854 (single channel)

On Demand Services

NETWORK Facilitator
Eros Now Global Media Operations (NBCU)
Eros Now Transactional Global Media Operations (NBCU)
Filipino On Demand Global Media Operations (NBCU)
Filipino Transactional Global Media Operations (NBCU)
TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand Global Media Operations (NBCU)
TVK-Pop On Demand Global Media Operations (NBCU)
TV JAPAN On Demand Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS)

Off Platform

Network Satellite Transponder Polarization Down Freq. (MHZ) Symbol rate Encryption
 Aapka Colors Galaxy 18 17 V 1110  29.27  Digicipher II
Antenna SES-3 22C V 4140 30 PowerVu
Cinema Dinamita G23 22 (XP24 C) V 4173.76 18.916 PowerVu
 RTN+ G16 5 H 11800 30.00 IRDETO
 Phoenix Hong Kong  
Direct from Phoenix*

Phoenix InfoNews
Phoenix NA
PX Sports  SES14 HE13 Right Circular 3965 10416 Unencrypted
TV JAPAN HD** G13 4C H 1370 30.00 PowerVu
VePlus SES 1 24C H 4180 30.00 Unencrypted

* Contact MCR with any issues: 626-388-1165

** TV JAPAN HD to provide receiving equipment

Technical Contact Information

Launch Authorization 303.290.1560 (8-5 MST Mon-Fri)

24-Hour Post-Launch Hotline 800.824.1771

Outages (Operations Management Center) 303.486.3600

Charter Launches TV5MONDE USA HD in Los Angeles Area, Fort Worth, TX and Reno, NV
Jul 17 2014

Charter Launches TV5MONDE USA HD in Los Angeles Area, Fort Worth, TX and Reno, NV

TV5MONDE USA, America’s only 24/7 French language entertainment channel, entered into a new distribution agreement with Charter Communications. Charter has now made TV5MONDE USA HD available to its customers in Fort Worth, TX, the Los Angeles area and Reno, NV. In the coming months Charter will launch the channel in markets in Alabama, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.

“Charter offers a wide array of diverse, quality content that touches many cultures and we are pleased to bring TV5MONDE USA to our customers in these communities, and more will follow,” said Allan Singer, Charter Senior Vice President, Programming. 

“We look forward to a successful partnership with Charter,” said Yves Bigot, General Manager of TV5MONDE. “Our agreement allows us to bring TV5MONDE USA’s breadth and depth of original programming, current and classic movies, news and sports to new audiences across America who are interested in experiencing French language content and culture.

” Notable programming on TV5MONDE USA airing during July includes:

  • Shanghai Blues, Nouveau Monde – In this film Rémy (Clément Sibony) has virtually no choice: exile toShanghai or get laid off. To convince his girlfriend (Élodie Navarre) to leave, Rémy leads her to believe that the move will bring them both incredible career success. She finally agrees and the couple sets off on a Shanghai adventure, only to realize that the journey is beyond what they could have imagined or prepared for.
  •  Tour de France (daily coverage through July 27) - Don’t miss a minute of the athletic endurance event of the
    year that takes in some of the most beautiful and challenging countryside of Europe. The 101st Tour de France kicks off July 5 in Leeds, England. Let TV5MONDE USA keep you up to date as the athletes vie for the prized yellow jersey on the ride of their lives.
  • La voleuse – Film follows Julia (Romy Schneider) admits to her husband Werner (Michel Piccoli) that she hada child six years earlier and abandoned it. Soon, she has only one obsession: to recover her son. Given the refusal of the adoptive parents, she ends up snatching young Carlos.
  • Les Pee-Wee 3D - After the untimely death of his mother, Janeau Trudel goes to live with his estranged father inQuebec. Showing a real gift for hockey, Janeau joins a pee-wee team that is preparing to face off in the most prestigious championship of their young lives. Janeau struggles to fit in and is ostracized by jealous teammates and parents alike, especially the team captain, Joey (Rémi Goulet). This equally heartwarming and heart wrenching family film shows the trials and tribulations of loss and the power of overcoming to achieve your dreams.


  • Muertres à Saint-Malo - A body showing signs of the kind of torture inflicted by 17th century pirates washes up in
    Saint-Malo. Captain Gwenaële Garrec (Louise Monot) is in charge of the investigation and convinced that the case relates to a famous privateer. Film also stars Bruno Solo.
  • La Nouvelle Blanche Niege - In this modern-day fairytale film, Stephane (award-winning actor and director Sam
    , a rich businessman, has just married Gabrielle (Claire Keim) when he suddenly and mysteriously falls into a coma. The devious Gabrielle plots to take control of his wealth, but her plans are derailed when she learns that he has an 18-year-old daughter, Blanche Métellier, in boarding school. Blanche (Lou de Laâge) is ready to explore life and love beyond her boarding school walls, but Gabrielle will do everything in her power to ensure that no one gets in the way of her money-making schemes.

For more information regarding these programs and others throughout the month, please visit the TV5MONDE website